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May 26, 2017 Chippewa Falls Construction Update

Post Date:05/12/2017
2017 Construction Season Weekly Update:
Date: May 26, 2017

Project: Bel Air/Tropicana Boulevard Improvement Project
Limits: Mansfield Street to Terrill Street

Haas Sons Inc. was the low bidder on the recent project letting. This project will not be started until school is out of session.

Anticipated Project Start: June 2017

Anticipated Project Completion: July 2017

Project: Bridgewater Avenue & Utility Improvement Project
Limits: Duncan Creek Bridge to STH 124

Underground utility work and curb and gutter was completed this week along the entire Bridgewater Avenue project.. Street work including base course and paving is anticipated to be completed in the next three weeks.

Anticipated Project Completion: June 2017

Project: Dover Street & Utility Improvement Project
Limits: Terrill Street to Wheaton Street

Underground utility installation is underway and completion is expected in approximately 2-weeks. Xcel Energy is also expected to continue with upgrades to their facilities for an additional two weeks.

Anticipated Completion: June 2017

Project: Dwight Street and Utility Improvement Project
Limits: Wheaton Street to Superior Street

Underground utility work has been completed. Curb and Gutter has been completed between Huron Street and Superior Street. The entire construction length has base course completed. Sidewalk work continues and Street surface work will continue for the next couple weeks.

Anticipated Completion: June 2017

Project: Water Street & Utility Improvement Project

Xcel Energy is scheduled to start relocating facilities in the project area starting April 17, 2017. This relocation work is necessary to be completed prior to the City’s contractor to begin work. It is anticipated that Xcel Energy will require three weeks to relocate facilities prior to street closure and the project beginning.

Anticipated Start Date: End of June 2017

Anticipated Completion: July 2017

Project: Woodward Avenue & Utility Improvement Project
Limits: Greenville Street to Summit Avenue

Underground infrastructure has been completed with Xcel Energy work and Street work anticipated in the next couple weeks.

Anticipated Completion: June 2017

Project: STH 124/Chippewa River Bridges

Traffic Control, removals, and construction including abutments, parapets, surface and deck work continue on the eastern bridge of STH 124/Chippewa River. Work is expected to continue on the eastern bridge for the upcoming weeks.

Anticipated Completion: August 2017

Please note, pedestrian traffic on the bridge is not allowed. With the full depth deck repairs in process no one is allowed on the bridge for safety reasons. Any unauthorized persons on the bridge will be subject to a fine. Please note, this is done for safety reasons as portions of the deck may be removed at full depth and it is important that no persons other than project related personnel are on the structure. Please use the pedestrian detour and the Veterans Memorial/Main Street Bridge! Thank you for your cooperation! As of this week, the anticipated date that traffic will be switched over to the eastern bridge is JUNE 6, 2017

Project: Chippewa Riverfront – Phase II

The City has received bids on the improvements to the Chippewa Riverfront Phase II. The City awarded the work at the May 16, 2017 council meeting. Phase 2 will include the Amphitheatre, additional landscaping, the Bay Street entry plaza, and a fountain extension.

Anticipated Start Date: Summer 2017

Anticipated Completion: Fall 2017

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